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Questions to Ask When Choosing A Hospice Provider

According to Medicare:

            “A patient is free to choose any qualified agency offering him/her services.”

It is your right to choose which hospice company works best for you or your loved one.


1. How does your hospice work with my primary care physician?

2. Who is your Medical Director and how involved are they?

3. What types of insurance and payment do you accept?

4. How long has your hospice been in business and has your company ever changed names?

5. Do you use a call service for after hour calls?

6. What is the response time after hours and weekends?

7. How often do your nurses and aides visit?

8. How long is each disciplines visit?

9. Do you triage after hour calls?

10. Do you provide education and support for the family?

11. What are the options for inpatient care?

12. Do you offer respite care

13. What kind of bereavement program does the hospice offer?

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